In the past several years, my conceptions and visions of my art have evolved significantly, due to moving to New York and starting a family. When I began making work again in the US, I realized that is my style hasn't changed as much as the richness of my life.

In my work, I have always been interested in nature and the power of imagination. Recently, I have been focusing on images of water and self reflection,” inviting viewers to indirectly experience what I have felt by allowing room for their imagination and reflection. While the works simulate the imagery of water, it is also the foundation for all living organisms and the main theme in my work. It has been a resource of my aesthetical experience and the center of my growth contributing to a heightened understanding of the works and of myself. As I concentrated on these water images, I thought it would be easier for individuals (myself included) to gain aesthetic experiences from them. All of us from childhood onward have visual memories of earth, water, wind, air, light, etc, when perceived through the five senses, even more vivid images result.

In Water and Dreams” at NY Studio Gallery, my paintings have three themes: the use of the number two, working with oil and finishing with resin. First, the number two was inspired from my two daughters giving my art balance and meaning that didn't exist before starting my family, then I realized that the world as a whole seems to create things in pairs. Oil, my second theme, has taken on significance because the drying process is slow and deliberate. Today life seems to go at a record pace and things are not appreciated or valued. When I use oil, I have to purposefully slow down and patiently create the images. Thirdly, I use resin to finish some of my works to create a watery image and a reflective characteristic, giving the viewers their own sense of place.